Will your business survive your separation?

In This Guide We Help Small Business Owners Better Understand & Navigate The Separation Process To Keep Their Business Running.

The show must go on. Learn how.


This Guide Includes:

An overview of the impacts on your personal life & business.

A summary of the complexities small business owners face.

An explanation of the family law process for business owners.

Ways small business owners can limit the impact that their separation has on their business.

Meet the Author

Bruce Provan

Managing Director at Page Provan Family Law

For the last 10+ years, Bruce has been a small business owner just like you.

During this time, he has seen first hand the impact that a divorce can have on a business, not only for the person going through the divorce but also the other business partners, staff and clients.

Whatever your challenges are, I will be able to help you navigate the legal process and work with you to help minimise the impact it has on your business

Learn how to navigate the separation process and keep your business running.